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Katch International Launches Its New Digital Arm Katch Disruption

Posted on September 6, 2017 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Katch International is all set to disrupt the region’s existing digital landscape with the launch of Katch Disruption. Always on the forefront of innovation and constantly striving to enhance its existing portfolio of online services, Katch Disruption will see the agency offering advanced marketing technology. Interactive mobile advertising, geo targeting, advertising geofencing, creative interactive ads, intent-based marketing, augmented reality and SEO and SEM optimisation are just some of the areas that will be focused on to increase traffic on clients’ social media channels.

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Talking about this new venture, Georgie Woollams, Managing Director, Katch International says, “Disruption to us is all about breaking the mould and innovating while generating humanising content, tingling the senses aesthetically and cashing in on real-time opportunities. We strive to disrupt the way people in the region think digitally by localising our offering and customising it for the Dubai market.”

Katch Disruption will be changing the perspective of businesses today and showing them what it means to get personal with their target audience and engage with them, take them on a visually exciting journey, and most importantly, feel understood. The agency’s out-of-the-box array of creative solutions will also extend to videography, 360 videos, photography and graphic design.

A Brand Rebirth: International Brand Embraces Its Dubai Pride With Studio 77

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Katch International was appointed to help with the branding for this new concept of theirs and the brief was simple – we needed to create a brand that reflected international standards but still stayed true to its regional roots. With this in mind, we came up with a contemporary monochrome logo and the name Studio 77, which is an ode to the street number the brothers grew up on that now serves as the studio’s address. The logo also embodies the chic essence the Sharawis were so keen on capturing and incorporates a camera’s viewfinder icon. 

While zeroing in on a name, we were conscious of the fact that we needed to communicate that the Sharawi’s latest offering was not just restricted to kids’ photography but also extended towards diverse areas such as photography for weddings, families, schools and nurseries, corporate clients and products. This led us to choosing an elegant colour palette for all branding collaterals that featured black, white, grey and bronze.

With one-and-a-half years of experience running a brand that focused on childrens’ photography, brothers Hamad and Abdalla Sharawi have steadily built a loyal clientele and reputation for themselves.

The seed for their new venture Studio 77 was born when they realised that Dubai has a pressing need for photography at a luxury level. Studio 77 is an attempt to diversify their areas of expertise while drawing upon their existing strengths.

A passion for quality and a need to retain the story-telling elements of art drives everything they do. There is also a high level of respect for every portrait and a team of three qualified photographers with highly-specialised skills ensures that every client leaves satisfied.

The personalised elements of the brand are apparent in everything they do right from the name Studio 77, which was inspired by the street number the brothers grew up on and now serves as the address for the studio. With Studio 77, Hamad and Abdalla aspire to create an inspiring space that allows clients to recreate some of their most treasured memories.

After building a loyal clientele and strong reputation for themselves by introducing an international brand that focuses on children's photography to Dubai, it was time for our clients to begin a new chapter with their own (then unnamed) brand. While the vision for this exciting concept of theirs was clear from the onset, they were certain that the final product had to adhere to the highest international standards, as this is a quality they have become synonymous with.

Roux Dubai: From Ideation To Execution

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Rustic, earthy and homely were the three words that we were certain needed to be highlighted in any branding and communications that were created for Roux. From the restaurant's location at City Walk to its open interior design, it was evident that we needed to create a brand that was aligned with this message.


Our work started by using a clean typeface to reflect the simplicity of the brand. We also used a mixture of raw materials such as marble, wood and metal across the branding of all items from menus to coffee cup and cutlery holders and even sugar sachets. We think we have achieved the winning look and feel for a great brand like Roux.

SampleMe appoints Katch International as Engagement Agency Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Posted on March 31, 2016 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Katch International is delighted to announce it has been appointed by SampleMe to launch its brand new app into the UAE market. Katch will be utilizing its full range of expertise, including Design and Branding, PR and Communications, Digital Strategy and Marketing in order to ensure maximum impact and consumer engagement for this exciting new brand. The brainchild of digital guru, Ryan Singlehurst, SampleMe was created to be the ultimate thought engine, providing a totally unique new method of social search that will appeal to the consumer and an innovatively effective marketing tool for brands. Katch International will be responsible for ensuring the local and regional discovery of this reward based application and providing a comprehensive launch strategy. The unique nature of the app and its capabilities will require dual B2C and B2B campaigns in order to raise brand awareness.

The Campaign #AllAboutMe

it’s #allaboutme. The app allows you to earn instant free gifts, discounts or prizes just for taking a quick 20 seconds to give your opinion, good or bad. That’s about the same time it takes to instagram your main course! It can also tell you what your friends thought of somewhere and where the hottest new place is. “The app was born from a passion to give, a love to get and a desire to share. Traits we can all empathise with!” said CEO Ryan Singlehurst. “We are delighted to be launching SampleMe in the Middle East market, particularly given the discerning calibre of consumers in this region and the natural culture of sociability that makes the UAE one of the best countries in the world!” How it works – Give Today, Get Today for doing the things you love! Download the app for free and it will notify you when you enter a restaurant, store or venue in the SampleMe community. You can then choose to answer a 20 second survey, post a picture or write a quick review. Tell the venue about your experience, what you’ve enjoyed or what you haven’t. Because the app works in real time, the rewards do too. Claim your instant free gift or choose to save your points and redeem them against a super sample prize; take your pick from an hour in a Ferrari, a wakeboarding lesson, a Flyboard session, a professional photoshoot, an HD Brows treatment or eyelash extensions. Care what other people think? Perfect. The innovative social search structure of SampleMe allows you not only to share your reviews with friends, but also see what places your friends would recommend, which places they didn’t like and where to get the best deal! So it’s like having a search engine you actually trust (unless your friends have really bad taste!). There is even a ‘Pay It Forward’ function where you can send your friends a discount code so they can enjoy the places you loved the most! DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW The SampleMe app is free and easy to use. Use it to review the places you go and get free stuff just for giving your opinion. It will revolutionize the way you share and experience the things you love. The future of feedback is here!


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